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We Make Connections For You. Together We Fly. 

UNITED POLARIS HOME BUYER NETWORK is the industry pioneer and industry leader in the homebuyer network industry. United Polaris focuses on connecting home buyers with similar interests together and helps them to get access to the housing market. There are two options available for interested home buyers. Option I, homebuyers could buy properties directly together and become tenants in common, which are legally protected by law in Canada (each home buyer will be matched up given his preference, and each owner could own a fraction of a home, which is indicated on the housing deed). Alternatively, we also offer home buyers the option (Option II) to form a limited company, in which the company purchases and manages a home whereas each shareholder of the business owns a specific fraction of the company. Option II is suitable for homebuyers who wish to save the opportunity to use the tax benefit in the future when they purchase a home as a single buyer. Further, it is also better for people who might want to sale the fraction of ownership before the term ends (private equity is not very liquid but is more liquidate than selling a real estate fraction directly). Option II has a slightly higher cost than Option I, but the cost worths it.


After being connected with other home buyers, you could find a real estate agent who is willing to represent you as a group. Alternatively, we could offer you a list of real estate agents who are willing to represent you as a group; we do not charge any referral fees for that. Please note, you don't have to physically show up for closing the deal. All communication and legal contracts could be done on the Internet (e-signature are legal in Canada).

One of the major benefits of using our service is you could buy a property without a mortgage (eg. you have unstable future income). United Polaris Home Buyer Network integrates resources from different investors, building a bridge between home buyers. Another benefit of becoming a tenant in common is that it allows home buyers to have access to properties with a higher net value. In traditional home purchasing, homebuyers' options are limited to their given budget. Some are even forced to purchase in an area with a decreasing trend in home price. For more benefits offered, check out benefits. 


United Polaris is a Vancouver based company. Currently, United Polaris focuses on the Great Vancouver Area, the Great Toronto Area, and Hamilton Area. But in the future, we wish to expand to the international market as well. Isn't it exciting to own a fraction of property in your dream cities such as New York, Vancouver, and Toronto? Not to mention the monthly rent distribution you would receive in the unlimited future (because a property that is used to collect rent is hard to get "bankrupt" unless your property doesn't have insurance and there is an accident or a natural disaster).


Attention: If you don't want to lose your first home buyer tax benefits in Canada, it is better to choose option II (form a limited corporation). For details, please check our blog posting "Attention: First Time Home Buyers". If you are still unsure about if you should become a tenant in common or a shareholder of a limited corporation, consult a professional real estate agent.