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Terms and Conditions 

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​Terms and Conditions

1. Our one-time match-up fee is $50.00 if you commit to contributing $10,000 or less ($10,000 excluding your own taxes payable at the final deal) OR $100.00 if you commit to contributing above $10,000 (excluding your own tax payable at the final deal). 50% off regular service if providing low-income proof (most recent tax notice of assessment). 30% off regular service fee if annual income lower than $30,000 (most recent tax notice assessment). Services fee paid includes a). a guaranteed match-up with team members with similar home preference (if the match-up is not a success, it will be used to pay for the next match-up or will be returned) (optional); b). access to up to 4 annual summer BBQ held in Vancouver area; c). access to the resume building and cover letter writing program (see details in the blog News); d). access to Math Homework SOS Program & Resume Rescue Program. 


2. Please note the amount of money that you are willing to contribute as indicated in your preference form doesn't include your own tax payable upon home purchase; it also doesn't include the legal service fee. You should always leave some extra room for paying your own property taxes (GST, HST, PST, Property Transfer Tax, foreign buyer tax) and some personal savings for personal use. If you are unsure about your own taxes, please consult a real estate agent or tax advisor before the register and claim your contribution amount.


3. The match-up service fee ($50.00 or $100.00) will be fully refunded to you if we found you a matched team but one or a few potential home buyers decide to withdraw from the matched team, causing the failure of the final deal. If a match-up is failed because of other people's withdrawal, you are eligible to receive additional free match-ups until your match-up is a success; alternatively, you could ask for a refund if the match-up failed because of other members' withdrawal. 


4. You have the right to change your mind within 48 hours after you complete your registration with a full refund if you decide to withdraw. The match-up service fee ($50.00 or $100.00) will not be refunded to you if you decide to change your preference after 48 hours (which is placed upon registration) or you simply decide to withdraw from the team or you fail to contribute the amount of money you indicated that you are willing to contribute if we find you a team of match. Therefore, it is best to plan well-ahead. 


5. Photocopies of legal Photo ID must be submitted upon registration (otherwise the registration will be considered incomplete). United Polaris will not share your information with any third party or use it for commercial purposes. Tax Assessment (previous year) is only required if you want to get an additional discount as indicated in Term 1.


6. United Polaris matches you with a team of other potential home buyers based on your real estate preferences indicated upon registration (you could select to not using this service, though). United Polaris is not responsible if a final property purchasing is not made because of disagreement on the selection of the property given that this property fits within the preference that you indicated. Please note that it is not practical to find a perfect property that suits perfectly for each team member's desire, and each member should bend a few of your rules (eg. focus too much on details such as which direction does the window face, the specific design for the kitchen furniture).

7. Please note that you don't have to physically present during the property transfer transaction. Electronic signatures also have legal power in Canada. There is no need to book an expensive airplane ticket and fly to another city to sign the documents unless you want to go to the open house. Please note that there is a legal fee for title transfer (you need a lawyer for title transfer by law). Finally, it is recommended to sign an agreement between each of you so that everyone keeps his commitment. For other possible costs (including taxes), please check our blog.

8. United Polaris is not a real estate firm, and we do not provide real estate services, nor do we receive referral fees from a real estate agent. However, we can provide a list of real estate agents to your team who are willing to represent you as a group (once the matched team is made). It is your team's choice to choose from one of our agents or find a professional real estate agent on your own. However, if you seek such an agent on your own, please carefully check if he's really a licensed real estate agent (https://www.reco.on.ca/realestate-pro-search/). Never give your money to one of your match-up team members. United Polaris is not liable to the loss caused by a scam or crime that you experience.


9. Using our service, by default, the potential homeowners agree to the following terms: a). agree on doing a home inspection; b). agreeing on getting home insurance; c). agreeing on rent the home out at a market rate and distribute rental income based on the percentage of the ownership d). agreeing on sharing the necessary cost such as repairing, and property maintenance cost based on the percentage of ownership; e). agreeing on exit the market by selling together at the end of year 10 (eg. if you collectively bought property on June 2019, you will exit together by selling together in June 2029). The above default agreement could be overridden if all the joint owners decide to not follow them (except for the property maintenance fee charged by the real estate developer). United Polaris is not liable to loss caused by not getting your home inspection or home insurance. If you fail to follow your pre-agreed terms, you may face a lawsuit by other team members, which would decrease your credit score if you find faulty by the court.


10. A signing contract (agreement before purchasing the home) between home buyers is mandatory in order to protect every home buyer's interest. The additional legal cost is not included in the service fee paid to United Polaris. The service fee is solely for making connections.


11. As an owner, you are liable to your own gain and loss to the property you buy. United Polaris is not responsible for the advice provided to the real estate agent. 


13. As a joint owner, you are subject to your own taxes upon purchasing and your own taxes of your profit. We provide some most basic tax facts (reference comes from the government website) for you to read at our blog for free. However, we do not guarantee those covers all related tax matters. To avoid unexpected tax problems, please consult a professional tax advisor or a real estate agent (mostly free if you find one on your own).