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With the same amount of money, you could have a more diversified home investment portfolio (in more areas);

You could be an owner (joint) for properties at multiple locations.

You might be able to have access to larger investment options (invest in more expensive homes).

Speed Up Saving

While Canadian's real wage only increases by less than 1% every year, the housing price in some Canadian city such as Vancouver could increase at 8% every year. 
Saving to buy a house without a stable investment is like running after a sports car using your bare feet.

In addition, comparing the large fluctuation in the super high-end luxury properties, the housing price for small condos tends to be more stable (eg. in the past 5 years, housing price in Surrey, a city in Great Vancouver area, has increased by 88%). Not to mention the monthly rent distribution that you could benefit from.

You can use the extra money that you have saved for vacation, cars, and anything you can imagine.


Split the Risk With Others & Diversify Portfolio

Buying a single property could be risky; you might want to share this risk with other home buyers.


In addition, with purchasing properties in smaller value, you have more time to think and less mental burden (eg. if you purchase in a larger amount at a single time, you might be too eager to buy or hesitate for too long; the emotional bias you experience will make you make irrational decisions).



What's more? With the same amount of money, you could have a more diversified home investment portfolio (in more areas).

You also might be able to have access to larger investment options (invest in homes with large value).


Free Annual BBQ Parties

Once you successfully enroll in a team, you could enjoy free annual summer BBQ parties for 4 consecutive years (currently this offer is only available at Great Vancouver area during summer time) (in the future, might be held at other cities as well). 

Each additional ticket is sold at $5 only, so feel free if you'd like to bring a friend or family member with you. 


Avoid Conflict Between You and Your Family members

Suppose you bought a 2-bedroom suite together with two of your younger sister (50%, 30%, 20%). It was difficult to determine who should live in which room as room size and room view is different. In the end, you decided to choose the smaller room, and letting the other two sisters sharing the master bedroom. However, after 5 years, you decided to move out with your boyfriend, and you wanted to rent this room out for some money to cover up your bills. Things became difficult again. Two younger sisters don't like the idea of the new stranger living with them. In the end, they unhappily agreed but both your mom and dad blamed you for not caring your two little sisters. 

With United Polaris, you are not just avoiding the conflicts within your family, but also having the chance to meet new friends with a similar or different situation. Some of them might become your life-long friend or partner.


No Need To Take A Loan

You might have so many different reasons to not be able to take an extra loan for a mortgage (eg. busy with a student loan or car loan; not be able to find a reliable partner to take a mortgage loan with you; the partners that you could find doesn't agree with you with property selection).

With United Polaris, no loan is required so that you don't have to worry about what will happen to the property if your partner gets bankrupt. 

In addition, without the mortgage loan, you don't have to pay for interest, which could save you some money.



Possibility To Reduce Deal Price

When all the money is paying as cash (as opposed to being paid by a mortgage), there is a high chance to reduce the deal price for three reasons:

First, home buyers don't need to pay loan interest;

Second, there would be no need for mortgage origination fee, appraisal fees, or other fees charged by lenders to assess buyers.

Third, the cash payment option is appealing to home sellers as there is no need to worry about a buyer backing out due to financing being denied (which allows the transaction to complete faster). 

In general, the cash option reduces the frictions involved with home buying/selling transaction. 


Customized Property Plan

You will be matched with teammates with similar property interests (based on the indication on the property preference form that you fill upon registration). This allows to fully customize the property purchasing & management plan: the area that you are interested in, the price range you are interested in, the type of property you are interested in, whether you want to rent out the property after purchasing, etc.  



United Polaris offers 2 free programs for registered clients (doesn't have to be enrolled into a matched up group; no service fee required): Math SOS Program and Resume Rescue Program.


Math SOS Program is for Grade 12 students and under. Questions could be submitted to info@unitedpolaris.net before 9 pm Western Time, and answers would be sent back before 12 am Western Time (limited to 5 problems per person per day).

Resume Rescue Program helps registered clients edit and polish their existing resume so their resume stands out.